Green Living Show

This past weekend my family and I attended The Third Annual Green Living Show in Toronto.  It turned out to be a really fun family friendly event.  I probably would’ve got a bit more out of it personally without kids, but it was fun to have them there to enjoy the day. 

One of our first stops was the Natural Playspace that was created in the show.  There was a fenced off area complete with trees, sand pit, small amphitheatre, and craft tables (made out of trees) for the kids to enjoy. You can see a sketch of the space on the Green Living Show website.  Riley went down the slide probably 50 times. 


The other family hot spot was the organic/fair trade food section that was giving out samples of all this amazing food.  The girls, and Chris were in heaven.  We did make some food purchases because they were already dropping some of the prices on Saturday evening.  

One of my favourite companies was there – The Green Beaver.  I love this company because it is a Canadian company and because they leave all of the nasty chemicals out.  Some green products still have  chemicals in them that it would be best to avoid.  We bought some Green Apple Toothpaste and Star Anise Toothpaste (this is like brushing your teeth with black licorice – so yummy!)

We are not in the market for new shoes, but we met the company that we would like to purchase our next pair of shoes from – Simple Shoes.  The shoes are made out of recycled and natural materials.  They are made in Asia, but the company has a third party involved ensuring that fair wages are being paid.  Plus the shoes are also very cool, and fun!!  I love fun!

My children are animal lovers, so we did stop at all the animal booths – WWF, Greenpeace, Earth Rangers.  There were a lot of booths dedicated to greening your home, as well.   We didn’t have time to really explore all of these booths.

I think if you are interested in greening your life, this is a great show to attend.  Most of the companies were offering special prices just for customers at the show.  We all know how expensive organic food, or stainless steel drink bottles can be, and some of the prices at the show were amazing.  We paid for our entrance tickets with the savings on the things we purchased.

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