Spring Cleaning

I have been doing some spring cleaning lately, and I thought I would share some of my new green alternatives to spruce up the house.

 Washing windows can be a real pain in the arm and I now have a new favourite item to help in washing windows.  My mom sent me the Norwex window cloth and it is amazing!!  All I did is wash my windows with water and then dry with the window cloth this year, and I have no streaks.  The window cloth does an amazing job on the windows and mirrors. 

With a one year old boy in the house, you can perhaps imagine what the walls of my house might look like.  Riley went through a stage of writing on the walls with any sort of writing implement he could find.  I had been procrastinating in cleaning them, because I didn’t want to use the magic eraser type product because of the chemicals in them.  Norwex has a Micro pad that is supposed to do the trick.  The consultant that I got the pad from suggested just cutting off a small section and using that up – to make the pad last longer.  I just cut off an inch squared and then wet it and the pen and marker and pencil all came off the wall!!  Unfortunately, Riley was a bit too forceful at times, and now I need to repair the little pen holes in the wall.

In washing my walls I have been using a simple solution of water with a few drops of essential oil in it.  I love adding essential oils to my cleaning water, because of their disinfecting and sanitizing properties.  A lot of the Norwex products are meant to be used just with water, but I do miss the smell.

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I’m a Diva Girl!

Guys – just a warning off the top – this is really, really a girl thing!  You may experience discomfort if you continue to read.

In researching about cotton, the awful discovery of tampons being made out of the left-over pesticide rich gin trash has changed my ideas about what I want to place in the most private area of my body.  Here is a list of what can be found in a simple tampon: synthetic rayon, pesticide-laden cotton, dioxins, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and artificial fragrances. Loux, in her book Easy Green Living offers an experiment for women.  Take a conventional tampon, place it in a glass of water and wait for the tampon to expand.  Then take it out of the water and check out what is left in the water.  That is what you deposit inside your body with every tampon.

There are of course alternatives organic cotton, chlorine-free bleached pads and tampons, reusable cloth pads or reusable menstrual cups.  In considering the alternatives, I was most drawn to the reusable cups and had read about a couple varieties – The Diva Cup and The Keeper .  These eliminate tampons but do not require me to wash organic cotton pads.  That is just a little too icky for me. 

Then I had a couple friends mention The Diva Cup, one had been using it for a number of years and the other was just switching over.  So when my time was up, I, too, made the switch to The Diva Cup.  I have not actually seen The Keeper in any of the natural/health food stores that I have been in.  The investment was around $40.00.  It took a few tries to get the placement right, but after that I loved it and it works great.  Every time I pour out the contents, I think this is amazing!!   I have eliminated the waste caused by using tampons and pads, as well as eliminated chemicals being absorbed in my body.  I think it is a great solution!! 

In chatting about The Diva Cup more, I did find out that one of my cousins had tried a few varieties. They didn’t work for her because her flow is so heavy, so it kept leaking.  So it may work better for women who have a regular, as opposed to, a heavy flow.

Also, when I bought one for myself I also bought one for my niece who is seventeen and is embarking on a traveling adventure around the world.  What an absolutely great thing to have on your travels, you never have to buy any feminine hygene  in other countries.  If you have a water bottle with you – you can wash the cup anywhere.

I am a happy Diva Girl!

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