Spring Cleaning

I have been doing some spring cleaning lately, and I thought I would share some of my new green alternatives to spruce up the house.

 Washing windows can be a real pain in the arm and I now have a new favourite item to help in washing windows.  My mom sent me the Norwex window cloth and it is amazing!!  All I did is wash my windows with water and then dry with the window cloth this year, and I have no streaks.  The window cloth does an amazing job on the windows and mirrors. 

With a one year old boy in the house, you can perhaps imagine what the walls of my house might look like.  Riley went through a stage of writing on the walls with any sort of writing implement he could find.  I had been procrastinating in cleaning them, because I didn’t want to use the magic eraser type product because of the chemicals in them.  Norwex has a Micro pad that is supposed to do the trick.  The consultant that I got the pad from suggested just cutting off a small section and using that up – to make the pad last longer.  I just cut off an inch squared and then wet it and the pen and marker and pencil all came off the wall!!  Unfortunately, Riley was a bit too forceful at times, and now I need to repair the little pen holes in the wall.

In washing my walls I have been using a simple solution of water with a few drops of essential oil in it.  I love adding essential oils to my cleaning water, because of their disinfecting and sanitizing properties.  A lot of the Norwex products are meant to be used just with water, but I do miss the smell.

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