This journal blog will be following my journey to becoming ethical, ecological and environmental over 2009.  I will be sharing what I learn, as well as the changes that I implement in my household.  I have always been concerned about the environment, and the people we share our world with, but it has always been something that I will one day get serious about.  So you may wonder what has made 2009 the time.

I have to say the kick in the pants that got this ball rolling was a sermon series that our church did on the book of Amos in the Old Testament.  The series was called Affluenza and if you are curious you can visit www.southridgechurch.ca and check out the sermon series and look in the archives for Affluenza (the series began on October 5, 2008).  It was an eye opening challenge to look at the realities in our world and face the truth that it is up to me to make change.  So I cannot wait for “one day” anymore, because one day is today.

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