Books I have read

CRADLE TO CRADLE: REMAKING THE WAY WE MAKE THINGS by William McDonough and Michael Braungart (2002)


50 SIMPLE THING YOU CAN DO TO SAVE THE EARTH by John Javna, Sophi Javna and Jesse Javna (2008)  This is an new version of a book first published in 1989.  The author was not happy with how doing 50 simple things did not really connect his readers with the issues facing the globe.  So his new premise is to provide 50 environmental issues that you could potentially jump on board in supporting.  He feels that you should find one issue and really commit to make a difference with that issue, because all the issues are interconnected.  The issues range from solar power, to coral reefs, to planting trees, to cool cities, to composting, etc.  It is a great resource with many web links.

DAVID SUZUKI’S GREEN GUIDE by David Suzuki & David R. Boyd (2008)  This is a very well written book, and it gives you a big picture of how you can be involved in the overall solution.  There is also a sense of urgency conveyed in this book.  We all need to make changes and influence others to make changes now, because the earth has a fever and there is uncertainty about whether or not it can recover.  It also has an excellent resource guide in the back of the book with other books, websites and movies to check out.

GLOBAL PROFIT AND GLOBAL JUSTICE: USING YOUR MONEY TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Deb Abbey  (2004)     This book was an eye-opener for me in terms of the investment world.  There are many investment companies and retirement savings companies that can use their large shareholdings as a means to influence companies.  We can also be part of the process of influencing change because our dollar spent is profit for someone.  I would recommend this book.

READY, SET, GREEN: EIGHT WEEKS TO MODERN ECO-LIVING  by Graham Hill & Meaghan O’ Neill (2008)     I loved this book.  It was concise and comprehensive and they included lots of practical small steps that you can easily take to change how you live and become more environmental.

THE EVERYTHING GREEN LIVING BOOK by Diane Gow McDilda (2007 )     I wasn’t really impressed with this book, although it did cover one area that I have not read anywhere else – ecological burial.

EASY GREEN LIVING by Renee Loux (2008)   This book really goes into detail about all the chemicals, their names, where they are found, and what health problems they may cause.   There are tonnes of resource lists of eco-friendly products, and do-it-yourself recipes.  This book can be overwhelming because of the amount of detail, but the author breaks it up with a bit of humour.  I really enjoyed the book.

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